Saturday, January 5, 2013

A Decision for 2013 - For Me

This year I am working on things for me.  While what I hope to accomplish this year may reap some benefits for others around me - gifts that I make, a happier me to be around - I am doing it for me.  This may seem selfish to some, but honestly, I am afraid that if I don't get myself right this year that I may be in trouble in the future.

My obesity affects my health and how people treat me.  I know I am treated differently due to my vast size.  There is most certainly fat discrimination at work in all of the social and work things that I am invited to or excluded from.  In the past I have compensated for these hurt feelings by drinking.  This made me more "fun".  But if I drink too much then my dark side comes out - I get angry, depressed, and occasionally embarrass myself.  I have been abstaining from alcohol in recent months to avoid becoming like some of my family members (there is a history of substance abuse amongst some of them).  New Year's Eve saw me a bit inebriated and I fell over my own feet onto my butt and side.  I have a horrendous bruise on my upper arm and one thigh. And some bruised pride as well.  I also did the calorie calculations and I drank about the same amount in a few hours that I should eat in a day.  Frightening!  Over 1,400 calories in liquids is a scary number.

So I have made a decision.  A simple one, but one that I needed to make.  I am limiting myself to four alcoholic drinks a week and a maximum of two drinks in a day.  Yep - twice a week I can have two drinks or four times a week I can have a drink.  But no more than that.  That will limit my calories to about 600 calories on alcohol at the most in a week out of  9,800 calories for a week.

It's a small thing to do, but I think that this will help me tremendously.

I am also being diligent about my calorie tracking - my intake and my output (intentional exercise).  This is the start of a new me - a more together me.

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  1. Small steps are always the best ones to take, when you want to make permanent changes. Good luck! :o)