Sunday, January 13, 2013

Rockin' Ladies

Today's Audibles brings to your ears some rockin' ladies.

My first offering is Lacuna Coil - an Italian rock band.  There is a male and a female lead, but she tends to be the main singer.  I think that this video is hilarious and the fact that they can poke fun at themselves is great.  I appreciate that they are singing in a foreign language (for them) and I admit that their lyrics in their music are fascinating. 
Lacuna Coil - "I Like It"

And for something a little bit different - the Mediaeval Baebes.  I saw these ladies live at the Maryland Renaissance Fest a few years ago and they are amazing live.  I was unable to find a live version of this song, but this is one of my favorites!
Mediaeval Baebes - "Ecce Chorus Virginum"

Let me know what you think!

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