Monday, April 1, 2013

14 weeks to go

I have half-heartedly been working at this weight loss thing for many moons now, but I am really trying to up my game to be healthy. 

I am challenging myself to do the following for the next 14 weeks:

  • drinking more than the minimum 8 glasses of water
  • eating more protein
  • eating more fruit and vegetables
  • eating less pasta and rice (trigger foods for sure)
  • doing more exercise daily - in addition to walking I need to use my exercise dvds at least 5 times a week
Simple things, but for whatever reason they have been difficult for me to implement in the past.

I plan on making myself more accountable - blogging at least once a week if not more, posting my weight loss or gains, and witing about the positives in addition to the negatives.  Less whining!!

I hope that everyone out there is doing well and has made positive steps on their journey to health.

This blog is my first step back on the path to health.

Be well,