What does that tag mean???!!??

I will tag all of my posts so that you can choose to read them or not depending on the subject matter.  

Here are the tags and a quickie description of what the tag will cover:

  • Fit not Fat - health, weight loss, weight gain, exercise, nutrition, medical issues, etc.
  • Audibles - music, radio, audio books, etc.
  • Geekiness - movies, television, comics, books, magazines, etc.
  • What are you wearing? - style, clothes, shoes, fashion, make up, hair, etc.
  • Awesome Art
  • Where in the world? - musings on my travels, places I have been, places I want to go, news items that interest me
  • Crafty Bits - any of my crafty inclinations could end up here
  • Om Nom Nom - recipes
  • Ramblings
  • Lifestyles - goth, geek, LGBTQ, straight, and everything else

If you have any questions just drop me a line.

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