Monday, February 25, 2013

19 weeks to go

I cannot believe that I only have 19 weeks left at Post.  I really need to get into planning mode for the next Post and for training.  I get three weeks of training and consultations.  And then Home Leave - a.k.a. relaxation.  During my Home Leave I have to buy the bits and pieces that I still need to get for the next Post.  I also have to find a place for my hubby to live (and me to visit when I get my R&Rs) and a car for him to drive.  We also have to figure out where our shipments are going to go and what goes in what shipment so that we aren't scrambling.  Ugh.  This is probably the worst part of my job - the PCS transition time.

So here is my mini-list of things to do this week:
1. write a list of things I need to take with me to the next Post
2. go through paperwork at home to figure out what I will need to hand carry and what can be packed
3. start talking to family about who we can stay with when we are on Home Leave
4. write a list of what I still want to see in Hong Kong and what I want to buy
5. mail out gifts to people before we leave
6. stay in my calorie budget
7. workout at least 5 times this week
8. go watch a movie at Ladies Night on Friday at the MH with co-workers
9. start looking at the cost of the things that I need for next Post and figure out a shopping and shipping schedule

I have a countdown now and I need to make sure that I meet or beat my deadlines.