Sunday, January 27, 2013

A lady with attitude

I like ladies with attitude and one of my favorites is the lovely P!nk.  She really kicks some booty on the charts - her voice is so distinctive and powerful and her videos are always so much fun to watch.  She is a talented dancer which is evident in every video and live performance.  She also is super fit.  I mean look how quickly she bounced back after having her child.  She works hard at everything she does - plus she has wicked awesome hair!  Wish I worked in an industry where I could dye my hair all sorts of colors....

Here are a few videos of hers that I think you all will like.  First up is "Try" - apparently this video is controversial back in the US.  I just think it is awesome.

Next is a song that I think is really powerful.  It is somewhat related to my earlier post about drinking - I am happy to say that I have stuck to my guns.  I declined several drinks last weekend and last night as well.  Anyway - I hope that you will all enjoy the next song, "Sober".

And now for something a little bit more fun.  "Get This Party Started" - it was an anthem while I was at university and I danced my buns off to this song on more than one occasion.

And now for another song that I really identified with and still do to some degree.  "Just Like A Pill" is a bit dark and powerful.

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