Thursday, December 27, 2012

Talking 'bout a resolution...or 12

Excuse me a minute as I hum along to the Tracy Chapman song running through my head (post if you have it running through yours as well).

Ok - resolutions are GREAT if you actually go through with them.  I have previously tried resolutions or 100 mini-goals or some such junk in the hopes that it would impel me forward down the path to health and well-being.  Well, in the past two years my resolutions have kept me in a weight range of about 5lbs.  I have gained and lost the same 5lbs of weight for two freaking years!  Can you smell the frustration?  I know I can.    And my other goals of cleaning and learning new things fell by the way side as well.

So this year in place of resolutions I am going to have 12 accomplishments.  I was thinking it would be one per month, but to tell the truth some of them are inter-related so I might cross off a couple at the same time.

12 things I would like to accomplish in 2013:

  1. Get below 200lbs.  I am currently at 287.9lbs - 88lbs in a year is do-able.
  2. Learn some Arabic.  I will be stationed in a place where this will be very handy and it will be useful in my career to have this under my belt.
  3. Sew a table runner for each of my closest friends.  I have access to some awesome Chinese silk brocade at the moment so I thought this would be an easy enough project.
  4. Fit into size 14 jeans.  If I accomplish #1 I will be able to accomplish this one as well.
  5. Buy a pair of cowboy boots.  I will have to have these specially made because I have fat calves, but I really REALLY want a pair.
  6. Crochet a blanket or two.  I have recently begun to crochet and I have so far done two scarves and two different stitches.  Must try more.  Plus I have friends that are popping out kids soon and they need gifts...
  7. Walk Bowen Road.  Folks at work talk about this road all of the time and I have yet to walk it. It is up some scary stairs down the road from me, but if I do it I will be super proud of myself as only the fit people seem to know about it.
  8. Buy a pair of Fluevog shoes.  I have been lusting after several pairs of Fluevogs for a while now, but I think that I will have to wait until I can try them on in the store.
  9. Get a spa facial.  I have not gone to a spa in ages and I would really like to pamper myself one time.  Of course all of the spas here cost an arm, a leg, and your first born so I need to make sure that I can get what I want.
  10. Clean out my closet and try to define my personal style more.  It looks like my clothes are mating in there and their kids are ill-fitting.
  11. Blog once a week.  I would like to have at least one blog post a week if not more.  Writing a post or two ahead of time will probably be a factor....
  12. Participate in blog events.  I would like to participate in blog events - theme posts for example.
Do you have any accomplishments for 2013?  Do my potential accomplishments sound doable?

Be well,

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