Thursday, May 22, 2014

Making this work for me

I have been super neglectful of this space.  I admit that this place was meant to be a place for me to let the world into my head, but instead of using it I have shied away from it.  No more!  I am making a point to have something post here daily – of course it may just be a gif or a picture that I found on another blog that I am re-posting, but at least it will be something for you.

Clearly this is the millionth time that I am attempting to resurrect this beast, let's hope it sticks!

For those that are curious - I am still in Baghdad, but in less than 4 months I am out of this nightmare.  I am down to 270lbs.  Not stellar progress, but it is still a downward trend.  I am still happily married and we are both looking forward to being together again.  We shall not be doing this unaccompanied tour thing again.

Anyways, thanks for sticking around and i hope you like the things that are on the way!

Be well!

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